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What is the dress code at Crazy Horse Nashville?

We are pretty relaxed about a dress code. The main thing we want is for you to be comfortable. We prefer our customers to dress in business or business casual attire but if jeans and a tshirt is how you like to party then that’s what we want you to wear. Here’s a quick run down of our dress code:

  • Casual, Business Casual & Professional

How much are your dance prices?

The club has dance minimums and those minimums are $25 for private dances. Throughout the night there will be opportunities to get discounted dances.

How much is a membership?

Crazy Horse Nashville is not a membership club. The after hours Mustang Club is a private club & memberships are $5. It is open Friday & Saturday nights from 3am-5am.

Where can I get a free or pass?

We don’t offer free passes but you can click here to get your DISCOUNT PASS.

Do you guys have a full bar or is it BYOB?

We are BYOB and you can bring whatever alcohol you want.

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7 Responses to FAQ

  1. Leann Keen says:

    I am wanting to bring my husband to your establishment for his birthday. Are couples welcomed?

  2. Travis says:

    How much is it for VIP?

  3. Matthew Phillips says:

    Do you offer VIP service if I brought some clients this weekend?

  4. Mandy says:

    Are dancers required to obtain a dancer permit to work here

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